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Challenging assumptions and expanding boundaries

About UsGroup Home Residential Services

Who we are…

Canaan Care Services (CCS) is a Group Home Residential Services designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is an organization aimed at serving its residents at the state-of-the-art level with qualified professionals.

What we believe in…

CCS’s missions and goals are to serve individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities by helping them in their activities of daily living and to meet their day to day and developmental needs in the framework of family size homes undistinguished from any other homes in the communities where they are implanted.

CCS’s goal is to challenge assumptions and expand the boundaries of what is possible through the following values:

  • Involving individuals and families in the design, operation, and monitoring of services
  • Maintaining family-sized homes in the individual’s own community
  • Tirelessly advocating for person-centered services
  • Fostering the development of functional life skills
  • Fostering the development of relationships with other communities

What we provide…

CCS delivers quality community living support and living environments for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CCS provides community based residential supports in rented or owned homes indistinguishable from other homes in the community.

The supports provided are based on individual need and choice, aimed at increasing self-sufficiency, and may include assistance or training in personal hygiene, communication, home living skills, money management, socialization, and physical assistance.

To hear more about us or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 703-297-8425 / 571-432-8864, or email us at

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Group Home Residential Services

Canaan Care Services (CCS) ensures that each individual served in its homes has a right to exercise his legal, civil, and human rights, including constitutional rights, statutory rights, and the rights contained in the rules and regulations edited by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse (DMHMRSA).

Canaan Care Services

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Phones: 703-297-8425 / 571-432-8864
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Day Support: Community Coaching/Engagement

Canaan Care Services provides day program services and supports for individuals intellectually and developmentally disabled adults who reside in CCS Group Homes settings. Both Community Coaching and Community Engagement are offered. The day support program is state-licensed and provides intensive treatment for individuals with challenging behaviors as well as supports for those with significant adaptive needs.

CCS’s program focuses both on functional enhancement and behavioral improvement to ensure individuals gain the skills essential for independent living and the provision of varied, daily opportunities to ensure our individuals are able to pursue their interests, enjoy their hobbies and job, and develop a social support network in the community.

CCS supports individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful connections and relationships in the community.

CCS supports individuals in exploring volunteer and work options and using the community as a learning environment where personal relationships and meaningful experiences are built.

CCS supports individuals in gaining greater independence by utilizing skills to appropriately engage in the community and pursue options available to all members of the community, including advocating for oneself and exercising civil rights.

In-Home Support Services

CCS offers admission for In-Home support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities who desire to be served, and for whom an appropriate level of support may be provided by the CCS Program.

In-Home Support services are residential services that take place in the individual’s home, family home, and typically supplement the primary care provided by the individual, family, or other unpaid caregivers. Services are designed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the individual.

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