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We are committed to provide you with the care you need & deserve.

ImageSince no two people are alike, our agency conducts a confidential, in-home consultation to gain a better understanding of you and your families specific needs and expectations.

Our certified caregivers are experienced and trained through rigorous and in-depth lessons taught by a Quire Training Solutions. We also screen our caregivers carefully so you’ll be able to trust that you are getting the best possible assistance.

“Family Learning Center”: We also offer over 40 complimentary online courses geared for family members and family caregivers who just want to better understand the process of aging, communication, diseases, memory loss, and other health factors.

Caring is more than just a job for us. Loudoun Home Care is a member of Companion Connection Senior care, a national membership organization of home care agencies. All members have access to recognized experts in the field of home care, as well as the most current educational resources, which enable them to provide the highest level of care to their customers.

Loudoun Home Care is Locally Owned and Nationally Supported. You can call us for more information – 703-297-8425. To get a glimpse of what you can expect from Loudoun Home Care, here are some of the testimonials submitted by happy clients:

Medicaid certified

Veterans Welcome!

Veterans Benefits for Home Care.

Loudoun Home Care is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Refer to Angie’s list and have more testimonies about LHC.

“I am able to have a peace of mind knowing that you are always there helping my mom. Thanks for all your loving care. You are a blessing to my family.”
Rwada – Falls Church – Virginia“Words cannot express how much we appreciate your help, wonderful care to Patricia. You are so special to us. Thanks a lot.”
Patricia Family – Faifax – Virginia

Our Philosophy, Purpose, and Goals

Canaan Care Services (CCS)’s Group Homes mission is to maintain the health, the safety and enhance the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to challenge assumptions and expand the boundaries of what is possible through the following values:

  • Involving individuals and families in the design, operation, and monitoring of services
  • Maintaining family-sized homes in the individual’s own community
  • Tirelessly advocating for person-centered services
  • Fostering the development of functional life skills
  • Fostering the development of relationships with other communities.

Resident’s Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

  • Be informed of yours rights, rules and regulations governing your care, conduct and responsibilities
  • Be informed of available services and related charges
  • Participate in planning your care and treatment
  • Be informed of reasons for transfer or discharge and be given reasonable advance notice
  • Voice grievances and recommend changes in policy
  • Manage your personal financial affairs
  • Be free from mental and physical abuse and from unauthorized chemical and physical restraints
  • Confidential treatment of your personal and medical records and approval or refusal of their release
  • Be treated with recognition of dignity, individuality and privacy
  • Not perform services for the facility without your consent
  • Have private communication with persons of your choice and to send and receive unopened mail
  • Participate in social, religious and community activities
  • Maintain and use personal clothing and possessions as space permits
  • Have privacy for visits with your spouse, family and friends
  • Have information on the rights and responsibilities of residents posted in a visible place


The following rules are set to help individual with conditions of best integration to social and community life. The Direct Support Personals (DSP) staffs are always available to help with the observance of the rules as well as to control and monitor their implementation.

  1. Individuals have rights of privacy, dignity and respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint.
  2. Individuals have rights of autonomy and independence in making life choices; and felicitates choice regarding services and who provides them.
  3. The individuals have rights of a lease or other legally enforceable agreement providing protections.
  4. The individuals have rights of privacy in their unit including lockable doors, choice of roommates and freedom to furnish or decorate the unit.
  5. The individuals have rights to controls his/her own schedule including access to food at any time.
  6. The individuals can have visitors at any time; and the house is physically accessible.
  7. No smoking inside CCS – House. The individual can smoke outside the house.
  8. No illegal drugs in or around CCS House.
  9. No stealing or destruction of property.
  10. Individuals receive at least three (3) meals of choices a day plus snacks.
  11. Snacks are available all times
  12. Abuse and harassment will not be encouraged.

CCS Complaint Resolution Policy

CCS is committed to continuously improving the quality of service provided to individuals and upholding the individuals and their families or representatives right to have their concerns, complaints and/or formal grievances heard and resolved as expeditiously and fairly as possible. CCS encourages individuals and their families or representatives to openly express their complaints or concerns about services received from the CCS.


Step 1: This procedure will be reviewed with the individuals and their families or representatives at intake for any new individual entering the CCS and at least on an annual basis. It is always to be reviewed with the family or representative when a complaint, concern or dissatisfaction is expressed about CCS services.

Step 2: Individuals and their families or representatives are encouraged to express their concerns or dissatisfaction through discussion with the Program Director (PD) or the Assistant Program Director (APD). Individuals and their families or representatives may express their complaint orally or in writing to the PD. The PD or the APD will attempt to resolve the issue orally with them within three (3) business days of being made aware of the concern. The outcome of the resolution will be notified to the family or representative orally or in writing.

Step 3: If an acceptable resolution is not achieved within the grievance process of the CCS the individual and their families or representative may appeal their case to appropriate government agencies.


In case CCS admits an individual, who does not speak English, CCS will work with the family and support coordinator to solicit help from translation company to develop a communication book and/or assistive technology, such as relative applications on an iPad, to facilitate communication in a language that is understood by the individual. In addition, others mean of communication will be available in CCS.


Group Homes Tour

Marshall Home

Address: 10066 Marshall Pond Rd

Burke, VA 22015

See Marshall Home pictures.

S. Fillmore Ave Home

Address: 602 S. Fillmore Ave

Sterling, VA 20164

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